CELEBRATION Scots-Memorial Church celebrates 200 years service to the people of Hobart.

Scots-Memorial Church extends a heartfelt invitation to join us in celebrating a momentous occasion: the 200th anniversary of the opening of our beloved church in Hobart, Tasmania.This remarkable milestone not only marks two centuries of spiritual presence but also commemorates the enduring legacy of resilience and faith that has shaped our community.

Nestled in the heart of Hobart, our church stands as a testament to the unwavering determination of those who came before us. Built by the hands of convicts two centuries ago, its walls echo with stories of hardship, perseverance, and ultimately, triumph. Over the years, it has served as a beacon of hope, offering solace, guidance, and a sense of belonging to generations of worshipers.

  • Celebration Service: Join us for commemorative services led by esteemed clergy members, reflecting on the journey of our church and the community it has nurtured.
  • Community Gathering: Connect with fellow attendees over morning tea and fellowship, sharing memories, and forging new friendships.
  • Historical Exhibits: Explore displays showcasing the rich history of our church, including photographs, artifacts, and documents dating back to its inception.
  • Interactive Activities: Engage in interactive activities designed to honor our heritage and celebrate the diverse tapestry of our community.

As we come together to honour the past, let us also look forward with hope and optimism for the future of our church and the community it serves. Your presence at this special event would mean the world to us as we pay tribute to 200 years of faith, fellowship, and shared history.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Join us for a
celebration Service

12th September 2024

29 Bathurst Street Hobart

Please register to attend to ensure we can accommodate all attendees and make necessary arrangements for a memorable celebration.

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