St. Andrew's Church

The competition for the best design for the new church was won by architect John E Addison, of the firm of Jackson and Addison who also won the tender. It was suggested at the time that the firm may have lost money on the contract.

The Scots Kirk was then turned into a school on the principle of the Scotch Parish schools.

The opening of the new church was not without controversy as questions began to be asked about the validity of Reverend Archibald McArthur's ordination. When caught in a compromising situation with a parishoner, he was forced to resign on 17th October 1835. Twelve months later, now a widower, he left Hobart Town, never to return.

The Reverend John Dunmore Lang from Sydney preached at the formal opening on 15th November 1835.

The church was completed the following year. According to the True Colonist there is no other building in the colony to compare it to, 'the pulpit, precentor's desk with the flights of stairs are most beautiful, chaste and light and the purple silk window-blinds have a very pleasant effect. Most of the pews that could be rented out in order to support the church had been taken up.

With the passing of legislation in 1836. that authorised the payment of £200 per annum for ministers of the Church of Scotland to be on the same footing as those of the Church of England., the finances of the congregation improved greatly. Under the same legislation the minister of St. Andrews was given a special grant.

Reverend Dr John Lillie arrived in 1837 as the next minister. He was a man of exceptional ability. During his time, a new bell was cast in England and was incorporated in the clock striking the hours. The clock had been built by Thwaites and Red, Clerkenwell, London in 1829.