Our Ministry and Beliefs

The Uniting Church in Australia was formed in 1977 when the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches joined together to share in God’s mission of love, justice and peace.

The Uniting Church in Australia is shaped by the Evangelical and Reformed traditions of the Christian faith. We are a church that is continually renewed by God’s reconciling love found in Jesus Christ, and we are committed to share this Good News with others through worship, witness and service.

As a pilgrim people, we are continually on a journey of participating in the mission of God towards reconciliation, transformation, justice and hope for all people.

For a more complete understanding of what the Uniting Church in Australia believes, you may refer to the Uniting Church website.

Minister - Position Currently Vacant

Our most recent Minister, Rev Dr John Broughton retired with our blessing in January 2024.

We have a Pastoral Care Committee to look after the needs of our congregation and retired and available ministers are taking our Sunday Services.

Our journey to seek a new minister has begun, with a review of our mission study and completion of our congregation profile.

We await and pray for God’s guiding hand to lead a minister towards us.

Choir of High Hopes

Launched in 1997, the Choir of High Hopes welcomes choir members disadvantaged by homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol use, mental and physical disabilities, injustice, and social and economic isolation. Nobody is excluded. If you can sing - or even if you can’t - you will be welcomed and nurtured.

The Choir is a volunteer-run, not for profit charity which Scots Church has supported from its inception, and continues to support financially and through the use of Church facilities.

Choir of High Hopes